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Events by the Florence University of Art.

A Day Out at the Race Track
by Gregory Love
The Elegance of Speed is taking place from June 12th until September 16th at the Palazzo Pitti. As you walk in, you will witness the bond between the passion of speed, the loud rumble of engines, the screech of tires, the elegance of Italian design, and the courage of drivers. These are the elements that created an explosive mix on the beautiful roads in Tuscany and the Concorsi d’Eleganza In the Boboli Gardens from 1934 to 1965. The exhibition brings together never-before-seen photos from the Archivio Foto Locchi, which is a collection of over twenty thousand images documenting Italian and Florentine motor racing history. The show is divided up into three sections showcasing the design and progression of the automobile industry. More information about the exhibition can be found on the Uffizi website,

Florence Paper Lanterns Festival in September by Marlo Miller
On Friday September 7th at 8pm the celebration of the Virgin Mary’s birth takes place through the Festival of Paper Lanterns. The festivities begin at the Piazza Santa Felicia with Florentines carrying colorful paper lanterns honoring the Virgin Mary, and concludes at Piazza Santissima Annunziata. Although this city walk is the main event, old traditions are still practiced. For many years, farmers would celebrate the Virgin Mary by making their pilgrimage into Florence, with their farmed goods in hand. Today, a market is held in the square showcasing the farmers’ organic produce, which will be taking place on September 6 and 7. Sabrina Nest, a Florence native, shared her thoughts on this special event, “In the era of drones and maxi screens, there’s something almost miraculous in the fact that old things like paper lanterns are still enjoyed by kids and adults today! This is one of my favorite festivals in my home town, Florence.”
info: Piazza Santa Felicita –Septmeber 7th – 8pm – Free or the cost of a paper lantern

Corri La Vita 2018
by Serena Tausz
Come September 30th, the streets of Florence will be overrun by thousands of people in what has now become one of the most famous national running events. Corri La Vita was created in 2003 to strengthen the health services of the Fiorentina Area in the fight against breast cancer and the assistance to cancer patients. Around 30,000 people will join together and run 11km to have fun and make contact with a reality that accompanies us every day. Corri La Vita is a free event where everyone is welcome, though donations are encouraged. From September 1st, participants can register for one of the t-shirts made special for the event which are signed by Salvatore Ferragamo, one of the great supporters of the organization. So, lace up your comfortable sneakers and come together to fight against cancer at Corri La Vita’s 16th anniversary. For more information go to their website.

“Icons” Photography Exhibition–Connecting Cultures
by Antonella Nicolas Within the classical ambiance of Villa Bardini, the modern camera lens has ignited a flame of inspiration.  “Icons,” a temporary exhibition inside the villa’s museum, features more than 100 photographs taken by acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry. With “Icons,” McCurry transports his audience to the time and place of the photo and compels the onlooker to understand the emotions of his subjects.  Powerful images of hope and suffering, remote landscapes, and isolated cultures in countries like India, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Pakistan bridge the separation between us and those in the photos.  Notably, “Afghan Girl,” the portrait of a young refugee with striking green eyes who graced the cover of National Geographic, appears in the collection. The exhibition began in June and will continue until September 16th.
For more information or to buy tickets, visit

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